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by TorqueNews at Dec 14, 2016
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Ford Performance just unveiled a Shelby for everyone who truly wants to race their pony car, the only hitch is that you can only race it. The Shelby FP350S isn’t street legal. Reprinted with permission from

Dave Pericak, the head of Ford Performance says, “Our goal has always been to provide those who want to race with equipment that enables them to compete and win. Shelby FP350S is our latest example.”

Ford Performance is making sure that this car is ready to race, with a complete track package, right down to the six-point FIA-compliant roll cage, and quick-release steering wheel.

According to Ford Performance, the Shelby FP350S is designed to compete in “road racing sprint events in classes including, but not limited to, Trans Am (TA3 and TA4), NASA and SCCA club racing (T1 and T2) -- is the latest offering from Ford Performance in a long line of turn-key race cars that include the FR500C, BOSS 302R and 302S, and most recently, the IMSA Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge championship-winning Ford Shelby GT350R-C and GT4, unveiled at SEMA this year.”
by TorqueNews at Dec 14, 2016
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Ford Motor Company hasn’t officially acknowledged the rumors of the upcoming Mustang Shelby GT500, but a listing on Google from and a Shelby GT500 extension on the Ford website suggests that a new high performance Mustang is on its way for 2017 – presumably storming onto the scene to battle the Dodge Hellcat cars. Reprinted with permission from

Since the current Ford Mustang was introduced late in 2014, there have been rumors of the next super-Stang – presumably named the Shelby GT500. When the newest Ford Shelby GT350 and GT350R debuted, some people believed that this road-handling machine was effectively replacing the GT500, but the rumors persisted. Images and videos showing what many believe to be new GT500 Mustang test cars on the road have been reinforced by inside information and dealership information – all of which seems to suggest that Ford was working on a new GT500.

Well, based on a listing on Google from, the Mustang Shelby GT500 is coming and it could be arriving for the 2017 model year.

Google Reveals Ford’s Secret Mustang
if you go to and search “GT500”, you will likely get a similar view to what I have included in the screen shot above – clearly showing an information link for the 2017 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 with the description “The Cobra of Performance Cars”. Unfortunately, the internet is chock full of clickbait junk sites claiming to have information on the next GT500 Mustang, but if you take a closer look at this particular listing for the 2017 Mustang GT500, you will see that it comes from
by Squid at Nov 12, 2016
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After some problems with another publisher, I can safely say that our 2017 calendar is up and "live."

Many thanks to the folks at "Zazzle" for printing and distributing, and especially to the 13 folks who donated their cars to grace the pages of our calendar.

It is available for purchase at: 2017 MustangEcoboost.Net calendar

There is usually a promo code on the top of the page, if not, there is one from a Google search! I believe it took 7 to 10 days to reach me ... would have been a day sooner if not for the holiday. :)

Happy calendaring!!

by TorqueNews at Oct 11, 2016
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Ford Motor Company has just announced a new Ford Performance Power Package for the 2015+ EcoBoost Mustang and while this kit is “only” an engine calibration, the gains are significant – with the tuned 2.3L EcoBoost 4-cylinder engine offering 335 horsepower and 390lb-ft of torque. Patrick Rall reports for

Although the 4-cylinder engine is heavily criticized by the “muscle cars should only have a V8” crowd, the 2015+ Ford Mustang with the EcoBoost engine is an impressive performance car. With a combination of 310 horsepower and 320lb-ft of torque, the EcoBoost 4-cylinder is far more powerful than the current base V6 and it is more powerful than the Mustang GT from the previous generation, which offered just 300 horsepower in 2009.

Numbers aside, I have driven the new Ford Mustang with the EcoBoost engine and I can say, without a doubt, that it is better than the V6 Mustang. For a new car shopper who isn’t so concerned with big horsepower, but wants a little lower purchase price and better fuel economy, the EcoBoost Mustang is the most enjoyable non-V8 muscle car of the modern era.

Even though the EcoBoost Mustang is marketed as a sort of economy-performance model, Ford Performance has cooked up a tuning package which lifts the performance of the turbocharged 2.3L engine to levels just below the 5.0L V8.
by TorqueNews at Sep 27, 2016
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Xbox France is giving away the awesome Ford Mustang inspired Xbox One console shown in the image above and the video below to one lucky gamer in conjunction with the launch of Forza Horizon 3, and as an avid Forza gamer – I am very jealous that we don’t have the opportunity to win something like this here in the US market.

Patrick Rall reports for Ford in this original story.

Forza Horizon 3 is the newest open-world racing game for Xbox One and I have been playing (and loving) the early release Ultimate Edition since last week. The basic version of the game went on sale today and to celebrate the launch in Europe, Xbox France is giving away an Xbox One S console with a copy of Forza Horizon 3, but they aren’t giving away just any Xbox One console – they are giving away a console with a custom box, designed after the look of the first generation Ford Mustang.

Frankly, as someone who is very active in the Xbox gaming community – particularly with regards to the Forza games – I am jealous that we don’t have a chance to buy consoles themed after specific performance cars. I don’t have to think twice about saying that this is, without a doubt, the coolest Xbox One console that I have ever seen and while the Ford Mustang wouldn’t be my first choice, I would absolutely buy a muscle car shaped Xbox One Console.