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by NickJ at Apr 8, 2016
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IN GERMANY! The American-made Ford Mustang beat out German's own top sellers, albeit only by a hair. The Auti TT sold 708 units, and Porsche 911 sold 752 unites, but the Pony had 780 units sold this month.

Both the GT and the Ecoboost are more expensive than the TT, but delivers 435 and 310 (respectively) HP to the TT's 220.

The 991 outprices the Stang by about double, which makes the Mustang more accessible.

This is just one month, and all three vehicles have been in a tight battle since the start of the year. We have yet to see where this trend is heading.

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by NickJ at Mar 28, 2016
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When I tell self-proclaimed car enthusiasts that I own an Ecoboost Mustang, 9 times out of 10 the next sentence out of their mouth is as follows: “Why didn’t you buy the V8?”

I should keep a tally. If I had to estimate, in the first 6 weeks of ownership I’ve been asked this question approximately 3,526 times. If I had a nickel...

On April 17th, 1964, Ford introduced a car that would become legendary. The Ford Mustang. Despite forecasting less than 100,000 sales in its first year the Mustang was an instant surprise hit: between the now infamous ‘1964 and 1/2' model year and the 1965 model year Ford sold over 650,000 Mustangs, making it the company’s most successful new car launch since the Model A.

The original Mustang became an instant classic, and at the time was available with either an inline six cylinder or a Windsor V8. Interestingly enough, the Mustang name was first used by Ford on a 1962 mid-engined concept powered by a V4 engine. That’s right, folks: the 4 cylinder Ford Mustang outdates the V8.

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by wicked at Mar 28, 2016
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The March 2016 Mustang Ecoboost of the Month contest winner is Gizmokid2005 with this great shot! Congratulations!

We'll do this again in a couple of weeks so stay tuned!
by wicked at Mar 15, 2016
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It's that time again! The March 2016 Mustang Ecoboost of the Month Contest starts now so get out there and take the best pic of your ride!

We welcome everyone including vendors to participate, however we will not pick the same winner within a 6 month period.

The contest will close in one week. (Tuesday, March 22) Entries with the most "LIKES" will make the final poll. So you guys decide who makes it!

Rules for entry are below:
  • The photo must be attached to a post in this thread
  • Only one picture will be allowed, so make it your best! (do not submit multiple photos or you will be disqualified)
  • You must be the owner of the Mustamg.
  • Photoshop and other software can be used for enhancements only. No photo manipulation allowed
This month's winner will receive a @Diode Dynamics 2010-2016 Sequencer Module worth $80!

Here's a link to the prize:!prettyPhoto

Looking forward to your entries!
by wicked at Feb 29, 2016
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The February 2016 Ford Mustang Ecoboost of the Month Contest winner is none other than Elvis 66! Congratulations!

We'll do this again in a couple of weeks so stay tuned!