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  • zeedubbleyoo ·
    I’ve seen it done before and I forgot about my build thread I had created and kept posting to my introduction thread. How do I migrate the stuff over?
    Squid · ·
    If you have the "from" and "to" posts and what you want moved, I can move individual posts. Drop me a Private Message with the info and I'll make it happen.
    Feverkie ·
    Hallo, why is my car not in the preview calendar 2018? Did i mis something?
    Squid · ·
    I sent you a PM. I need your info. see the message or the info on the corner of the other photos.
    Gene Simmons ·
    Hey Squid. Wanted to ask you directly on this...because you are King Squid. What's ypur recommendation for intercooler? I am going to go with Ford Performance tune and want to have them replace the IC while they're at it.

    These will be 1st mods of my 2017 that I pick up next week.

    OlTexastang ·
    There is a access port for sale on the other site for like $325.00 what are the does and donts of buying a used ap.
    fury88 ·
    Checking in to see your baby! I see you got it about a month ago. Such a pleasure to drive, right?!?
    Squid · ·
    Have not seen you in a while. How are you doing?
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