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  1. NJ selling Cobb tuner - 300 unmarried no OBD cable

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    Selling a Cobb access port tuner for a 2016 eco boost has regular and custom tunes on it it’s unlocked and come with orignal packing no OBD.cable $300 New Jersey Bergen county
  2. What would you do, if you went ecoboom?

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    The topic of our engines blowing has been beaten like a dead horse in forums, but I want to find out what your course of action will be if your engine was to blow tommorow out of warranty. Many people in the car community say the 2.3 in a mustang is a lost cause, and would just get a GT. Would...
  3. 2.3 front fender emblem . . .

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    Just ordered two of these from I personally think Ford should've badged the EcoBoost like they do the 5.0. They didn't. So I will. Happy Driving! Matt