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    Please pm me if you have one
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    So I recently bought some parts for my Ecoboost (levels intercooler, 3 inch catless downpipe, roush intake, Cobb accessport with tunes from Adam Brunson) and after my first datalog my car started cutting out and sputtering at WOT, Adam recommended that I change my spark plugs, lowside fuel...
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    Accesstuner was taken off line a while back due to issues with "self-tuners." It appears it's back, after the prerequisite training is taken. You are only able to modify your own car, and must start from an OTS tune. View it here: COBB Tuning - Ford Accesstuner Accesstuner is now available...
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    Release Notes - Accessport Firmware Update AP3-FOR-003 Firmware Update Date: 04/05/2018 New Features: Additional support for 2017 EU Mustang EcoBoost AT. Added Identify Vehicle Feature to Troubleshooting Menu - Ford User Manual Bug Fixes: Corrected Translations For Several...
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    Ford Mustang EcoBoost Updates – Transbrake, Bump Box, and More! The Mustang has always been an icon at the drag strip. With that in mind, COBB is happy to announce new features that will help propel your Mustang EcoBoost even faster down the quarter mile. If your Mustang EcoBoost is at home...
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    So, @Doskiller -- tell us about this place. Seems from the "other" forum you know Ryan and his works.