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air filter

  1. What It Is?

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    I popped off the air filter cover the other day for a look-see (curiosity mangled the cat...) and found this on the underside of the lid: There's no external line leading to it, no wires, no flashy-thingy; nuthin! What is it? Inlet noise reduction? Activated charcoal filter to help it breathe...
  2. 2018 K & N drop in replacement filter

    Mustang EcoBoost Performance
    Any one change the stock filter to the K&N drop in? Thoughts?
  3. Green drop in filter question

    Mustang EcoBoost Performance
    To set up my question... I just replaced the stock air filter with a green drop in filter that I purchased on Amazon. The box seemed a bit old but the bag the filter was in was sealed. A sticker on the box with the model number had a date of 3/10/2017. Here's my concern...the filter seemed...
  4. K & N (or other) drop in intake filter - Y/N?

    Mustang EcoBoost Performance
    Hi. Looking for low-cost/simple horsepower gains. Looking at a drop-in K&N intake filter. 1. Is there a noticeable difference, or is it just mental? 2. What are the gains you are seeing/think you're seeing? 3. Does anything else need to be recalibrated? 4. Any other suggestions beside...