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catted downpipe

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    I was wondering if I would need to get a retune after installing a aftermarket high flow catted downpipe. I currently just have the FP tune and a mbrp race catback. What should i do?
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    Good Evenin' Sir's and Madams' To cut to the chase with my pickle between 1st and 2nd: Originally I was going to with: Cobb 3 in. Down Pipe - Catted Cobb Mustang 3 in. Down Pipe - Catted 5M2202 (15-19 EcoBoost w/ Cobb Cat-Back) But after lurking these forums extensively, I've come across this...
  3. Mustang EcoBoost Performance
    They just announced last week that the catted version of their downpipe is finally available. I talked to @cvf-jason and today this box landed on my doorstep... Big, bulky, but really well packed, with everything needed to make the swap happen. The materials and welds look great. And...