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    Hi everyone! 👋 I just purchased a 2019 Ecoboost six speed manual with the black accent package and tinted windows. She’s so sleek! The first thing on my to-do list is to upgrade the exhaust. I’m thinking MBRP XP Catback Street version. I want something louder, but not obnxious. Any thoughts or...
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    I have a misfire in cylinder #3 and I've narrowed it down to the injectors. I am not to familiar with them but need to replace the one to match the oem or replace them all. I don't really want to upgrade them just need to get it running without breaking the bank.
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    Hello I am a new mustang ecoboost owner and I was wonder what a good exhaust setup would be. I’ve seen multiple videos of people doing muffler deletes and resonators deletes and some sound great but some sound terrible I’ve also came across straight piping the car but I need feedback on what...