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  1. Mustang EcoBoost Discussions
    Hey guys. I have been researching built engines and what it takes to make our Mustang Ecoboost engines handle 450+ horsepower and I was wondering what y’all think about this idea. rather than buying a 2.0 short block, what do you think about putting sleeves on a 2.3 and adding Built internals...
  2. Mustang EcoBoost Maintenance
    Hello, My 2016 mustang ecoboost is stalling while in drive gear or reverse with break, it will stop stalling on neutral, also when it is close to stop (let us say while slowing down before stop). It stall and it will die (shut off), i had to turn it on again. I have the following codes on the...
  3. Mustang EcoBoost Maintenance
    I bought a 2020 ecoboost mustang brand new it was running GOOD AND STRONG until like 10k miles , I slowly started to notice hard shifting and never felt like the car responded to the throttle accurately, Now at 30K Miles The car feels slower , i tired to do 0-60 times and I would usually get...
  4. Mustang EcoBoost Discussions
    I have a 2022 mustang ecoboost hpp. I've seen the Cobb access port 91 Oct tune and 93 Oct tune. How much horsepower on average would I gain?
  5. Introductions
    Hi everyone! Found this forum and love how helpful everyone is. I am looking to finally modify my mustang but I have been having trouble finding the best mods that would be compatible with my mustang. I own a 2020 Ecoboost Mustang with the High Performance package. The only things I’ve done to...
  6. Mustang EcoBoost Performance
    Hi Everyone, I'm fairly new here but have had my 2019 ecoboost mustang for nearly 3 years now. I'm getting to do some upgrades to its hp now, but want to make sure I don't over do it to the point I end up busting the engine way earlier as it is my daily. These are the parts I'm considering...
  7. Mustang EcoBoost Discussions
    Hi, I’ve got EcoBoost manual 2015 I’ve changed the gearbox once, and after installing a new (used) gearbox I have this type of issue it’s sometimes hard to put a car in reverse or in first gear without too much force, I found a workaround that first I just move gearbox to second or first ( which...
  8. Mustang EcoBoost Discussions
    So I recently noticed my rpms sitting at 500 at idle and if I really look at the needle it makes slight movements and if I’m sitting long enough at a light it’ll bump up to 625-650. Don’t know if this is normal cause I haven’t noticed it before. And this is all without fan or ac on.
  9. Mustang EcoBoost Discussions
    Hey All, I have a 2018 ecoboost with 50,000km on it. The car is stock and everything was fine. Recently when i speed up to about 70-80mph i hear a tick noise on the driver side of the car, if i continue pressing gas the tick sounds more and then my cars “check manual” wrench icon comes on and...
  10. Mustang EcoBoost Discussions
    Hello I have a 2018 10 speed automatic ecoboost mustang and currently I have a Cobb tune (93 octane) with a mishimoto Intercooler and charge pipes,down pipe, Ford performance/ borla cat back exhaust, a steeda throttle body spacer, ngk spark plugs,roush intake,shortie bov from turbo smart, a upr...
  11. Mustang EcoBoost Discussions
    Help help help . Hi everyone, I just Noticed there are oils coming out from the solenoid.. easy fix? By replacing the seal or has to replace the whole solenoid? Thank you guys
  12. Mustang EcoBoost Discussions
    Hey guys! For the past few months, I've been struggling with this puff of smoke after a bit of idle. It only seems to smoke on acceleration. See the video for details. I thought the Valve seals were done for so I rebuilt the head last week but the problem still persists. There is also a...
  13. Mustang EcoBoost Discussions
    I recently blew my turbo and I planned to upgrade my turbo anyway, so I guess im doing it now. What would be some good options. This is a daily, I have a cp-e Intercooler, airaid intake, and a tune, looking to make about 425whp.
  14. Mustang EcoBoost Discussions
    Hi, I have a 2016 Mustang convertible ecoboost premium, and over the past couple of days there has been a small leak of coolant from the water pump. I do not know much more than that about the leak, so I need help finding where to get a new water pump and how to replace it anything will help...
  15. Mustang EcoBoost Discussions
    I really wanna swap out the Essex v6 in my '04 mustang for a 2.3 EcoBoost, what exactly would be necessary in order to make this happen? I am a trained machinist with access to a shop, so some fabrication is ok, I just would wanna know what I'd need for this.
  16. Mustang EcoBoost Builds
    hi, sorry if this is not allowed here but i think you all will appreciate it more than anybody else. let me know if you have any questions. this is the 1929 model a i picked up in October of 2019 i started by getting it home and cleaned up some so at this point im just sitting in it making...
1-16 of 16 Results