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engine failure
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    So my brother was mad and “disabled” my 2017 and won’t tell me what he did to it. When I go to turn it on, it tells me “Press the brake to start” but the engine never actually turns on. I already checked the fuse boxes and the battery and can’t figure out if something could be unplugged or if...
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    hey, so I am wondering about my 2015 Ecoboost Premium. I am currently trying to figure out just what happened to my Ecoboost. I am pretty good with vehicles, but this has me a bit lost and I’m just doing things as I go at this point. My mods so far are: COBB Stage 3 Pro Tune Increased Turbo...
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    The topic of our engines blowing has been beaten like a dead horse in forums, but I want to find out what your course of action will be if your engine was to blow tommorow out of warranty. Many people in the car community say the 2.3 in a mustang is a lost cause, and would just get a GT. Would...
1-3 of 3 Results