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  1. Natalie's 2018 Ecoboost

    Mustang EcoBoost Builds
    Hello everyone! I'm brand new to the platform and wanted to show off my new baby and start a build thread. 2018 Ecoboost, as basic as they come, in Kona Blue with the 10 speed auto. I was able to get it pre-owned with 13k miles for $21,500 out the door. As for a little bit about me and my...
  2. Please Help!! I need to sell these wheels and tires !

    Parts For Sale
    I have 2 OEM 19in Aluminum wheels from my 2017 Mustang Pony Package Also 2 pirelli p zeros Only drove about 10k on wheels and tires Need to sell them if anyone is interested
  3. Airbag Warning Light - Can It Be Reset?

    Mustang EcoBoost Discussions
    Lately I've noticed that my airbag warning light illuminates when I start the car... just started within the last month or two. Does anyone know how to reset it? I've tried using my Cobb AP to see if it's throwing any codes and it's not, so there's nothing I can do there.
  4. Ford Coolant selection chart

    Mustang EcoBoost Maintenance
    Found this while trolling the interwebz looking for parts to rebuild a 2010 Shelby: Great info contained herein on coolants
  5. Ford Mustang Keychains

    Parts For Sale
    I found this site and beautiful Ford Mustang Keychains, take a look ...
  6. Hello Everyone

    Hello Finally here. Glad to be part of the community. Will probably ask a few questions and read a lot. Hello everyone again
  7. FRPP Finally Announced!

    Mustang EcoBoost Discussions
    Came across this today from Ford Performance! FORD PERFORMANCE POWER PACKAGES NOW AVAILABLE FOR ECOBOOST- AND V8-EQUIPPED MUSTANGS Two pertinent/drool-worthy notes: I don't see the Ecoboost pack listed yet, while the GT is, at least as of 10AM PT: Performance Packs - Mustang Pacsk, Fiesta...
  8. Ford's Ecoboost Performance Calibration Kit Released

    Mustang EcoBoost Performance
    Seen this on other boards and Facebook but not much fanfare from Ford itself: Ecoboost Performance Calibration Kit Includes: M-9603-M23 air inlet kit Pro Cal 3 calibration interface Calibration voucher Calibration features: Peak gains of 30hp and 70lbs/ft at ~5500rpm 40hp and 60lbs/ft...
  9. Ford recalls 830,000 vehicles to fix faulty door latches

    Mustang EcoBoost News
    Ford is recalling about 830,000 vehicles in the U.S. and Mexico because parts in the side door latches can break and the doors can open while the vehicles are moving. The recall announced Thursday covers certain 2013 to 2015 Ford Escape SUVs and C-Max cars, and 2012 to 2015 Focus cars. Also...