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  1. More Ponies on a Budget and Some Questions

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    1. I have a 2017 EcoBoost with about 33k miles. I don't have much of a budget - around 2.5k, so what's the most cost-effective way to add power? An obvious one is FOB with a tune, but are there other ways to add power in a cost-effective way. I'm also going to talk with my tuner about this. 2...
  2. 2019 2.3 eco

    Mustang EcoBoost Performance
    So I’m new to all this upgrading business and would LOVE to get this thing to where I want it! I recently installed a K&N Series 63 air charger cold air intake and it sounds great, loves the air it’s getting too! But my question is, what’s next ??? Downpipe ? Tune ?
  3. Losing horsepower on cobb accesport

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    Hello petrolheads, I was wondering if any of you guys experienced this issue before. My car has been equipped with an Ets intercooler, cobb drop in air filter, axle back and ngk one step colder plugs. With the cobb accesport and protune. The estimated hp was around 370hp and 394 ftlb about 6...
  4. Do These Power Numbers Sound Right?

    Mustang EcoBoost Performance
    So I have a 2019 Mustang Ecoboost with the following mods on it before the DynoTune MBRP Race Catback Air Raid Cold Air Intake Tube K&N Drop In Air Filter Mishimoto Catch Can Mishimoto Intercooler I bought a handheld SCT Tuning device because they are currently the only ones to have support...
  5. CAI or Stock Airbox?

    Mustang EcoBoost Performance
    I've read a ton of online articles and have watched a bunch of YouTube videos surrounding the controversy between which is better in terms of power for our EB's... a Cold Air Intake or the Stock Airbox. And frankly there's no clear cut proven results that I can find, at least not for our...
  6. Any thought about the Gibson cat-back exhaust?

    Mustang EcoBoost Discussions
    Hello, I am currently interested in the MBRP Race exhaust for my EB, I know that this exhaust have 17 HP gain, not sure about torque gain. I recently found that the Gibson cat-back will gain 30 HP and 40 ft-lbs torque, is this true? Is this without tune? And for sound and loudness, I feel like...
  7. May BB rest in peace

    We recently lost our 2015 GT convertible to a drunk driver in a head impact collision in June. We are still mourning this car (more like a child to us, but whatever). Now considering a 2016 Ecoboost but I'm struggling with the lack of a growl. Hubby says custom exhaust won't change it. Did...
  8. RDP Store and the New BORLA XR-1 Tuner.........

    Mustang EcoBoost Performance
    As you know, BORLA has long been associated with providing quality exhaust systems that offer increases in both performance and sound quality. And now BORLA is excited to announce a new product line-up with the introduction of the XR-1 Tuner. The XR-1 Tuner is intended for racing use only and...