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    i've posted this about a month ago, but i'm gonna post it again to see if i can get my issue out to some new eyes. i've installed my cold air intake and followed everything that the instructions said to do. But i am hearing this thumping/knocking sound come from the engine bay, from the inside...
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    Hi guys, I have a 2018 mustang ecoboost convertible with the 10 speed automatic transmission. Recently I have been getting a metal on metal screech that lasts not even half a second randomly while driving. The screech can only be heard when the top is down and normally happens once I take off...
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    Hey guys, I am just wondering if this is specific to me or if all/most ecoboosts have this feature. When I pop the hood and turn the car to on (not starting the engine, but by pressing the start button without pressing the brake pedal) I can hear what sounds to be electrical snapping at...
1-3 of 3 Results