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  1. Having trouble naming her.....

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    So I am trying to come up with a name for my EB. Problem is I really can't decide. Here are the names I am thinking about and what they mean or where they are from.. Scylla or Skylla, From Greek methodology. More known as the sea monster that Odysseus fought in the Odyssey. Also in a very rare...
  2. North DFW Texas Noob

    Hi All, Just joined the group this week. I am located in the Frisco area of North DFW. I just bought my Lighting Blue Ecoboost with the Pony Pack a few months back and have been extremely impressed. Love the lines of these beasts. I grew up in a Mustang family, step father rebuilt a '89 fox...
  3. The Lightning Blue Ecoboost Mustang Thread

    Mustang EcoBoost Photo/Videos
    This is the official Lightning Blue Mustang Ecoboost Photo Thread! Be sure to post your Lightning Blue Mustang photos in here!