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  1. ****SOLD****** MBRP Race catback Exhaust

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    Selling my MBRP Race Catback Exhaust, stainless steel back tips. I am going back to the stock exhaust. I have used it for 2.5 months. Still in good condition. No rust/corrosion. MBRP XP Series Cat-Back Exhaust w/ Y-Pipe - Race Version (15-19 EcoBoost Fastback w/o Active Exhaust) The price is...
  2. MBRP Race Catback exhaust for 2015-2018 Ford Mustang ecoboost

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    I'm currently selling my exhaust which was used for about 2 weeks, just like new and it sound good, a lot deep tone and it crackles when you reach 3000 rpm, for this price couldn't be better, even I compared with meganflow which is thousand dollars exhaust, mbrp is definitely better than that...
  3. selling my MBRP Race cutback exhaust

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    Selling my MBRP Race cutback, need to get back to stock and sold my car. but this exhaust just used for about 2 week, still pretty new. MBRP XP Series Cat-Back Exhaust w/ Y-Pipe - Race Version (15-19 EcoBoost Fastback w/o Active Exhaust) Paid $670, yours for $480. In Martinsville VA TEXT ME...
  4. Any thought about the Gibson cat-back exhaust?

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    Hello, I am currently interested in the MBRP Race exhaust for my EB, I know that this exhaust have 17 HP gain, not sure about torque gain. I recently found that the Gibson cat-back will gain 30 HP and 40 ft-lbs torque, is this true? Is this without tune? And for sound and loudness, I feel like...
  5. MBRP Street vs Race exhaust

    Mustang EcoBoost Discussions
    Hello everyone, I am currently looking for an exhaust that have aggressive and deep tone. I was looking at the Borla Atak, but after a few video of MBRP, I feel like MBRP have much better "muscle" car sound and deeper tone. I am wondering which one I should get, Street or Race? From what I...
  6. MBRP Race Exhaust???

    Mustang EcoBoost Discussions
    Hi everyone, pretty new to the forum. We have a ‘16 ecoboost and the wife is wanting a louder exhaust. She wants it pretty loud but not harassing or annoying inside I think. (that would just cost me more $$ in the long run) She was a bit disappointed when she learned how quiet the stock exhaust...
  7. Is this a good exhaust setup?

    Mustang EcoBoost Performance
    I originally looked into getting a muffler delete, but I don't know how well it's going to sound at higher rpms. After some research I've found a setup using an mbrp race catback, a megan offroad downpipe, and an hks blow off valve. It sounds pretty decent compared to other systems I've heard...