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  1. Warbirds on Parade - Lancaster Airport - Sat, Sept 1

    Southwest Mustang EcoBoost Owners
    Sorry for the late notice. Just realized this wasn't up. One of the few "sit in a parking lot" all day events I like. Lots of planes, WWII stuff and automobiles! Oh yeah, a chance to shoot a pic of your car with a WWII aircraft. This the Dallas/Fort Worth Wing of Commemorative Air Force's...
  2. N.Texas and whoever wants to join us for the calendar Cover pic

    Southwest Mustang EcoBoost Owners
    I'm going to call roll of who I know is here in the Metromess, I'd like to get together to shoot the cover for the calendar ... I think we can get a good group on it. Those I know are here: @QuickSilver - I am guessing since you went to the Cowboys game! @focks - I have lost a hand meeting...
  3. Dallas Metroplex members

    Southwest Mustang EcoBoost Owners
    Chime in! Let's do something together