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  1. Parts For Sale
    Selling my used, Ford Performance by Borla Touring axle-back mufflers. Pickup in Los Angeles only. No shipping. The system was only used for less than 6k miles. Original price from CJ pony parts is $895.00 I'm offering these for $400.00
  2. EcoBoost Exhaust Options
    Hello friends! So I was looking to get a downpipe so I could finally get a Stage 3, the problem is that my current exhaust setup is a stright pipe (no resonator and mufflers) and after searching a bit of clips with a catless downpipe and zero mufflers on the ecoboost I got surprised on how...
  3. Parts For Sale
    Selling my Borla mufflers that I bought back in February 2015 from American Muscle. They fit 2015-2020 EcoBoost base, premium, pp (no active exhaust and not sure about convertible). I didn't have them on my 2015 very long before I went full 3" turbo-back. When the 2015 was totaled and I...
  4. EcoBoost Exhaust Options
    Hey everyone. Im new here! So I messed up and didnt order the active exhaust system for my mustang because i really didn't care about the sound. But After driving one with active exhaust I really really regret it lol. So just a few questions. 1) Would it be possible to upgrade to active...
1-4 of 4 Results