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  1. Lil wood’s Introduction

    Hey fellow ecoboosters’, It’ll be nice to meet everyone. I go by lil wood. I’m 19 years old. Big gamer/computer guy, herb patient and enthusiast. I got a 2015 Dodge Dart rallye automatic, in 2016 as my first vehicle. I had the blessing to be given this car half paid off from my older brother. At...
  2. New Mishimoto Oil Catch Can For Sale

    Parts For Sale
    --- SOLD ------ SOLD ------ SOLD ------ SOLD ------ SOLD ------ SOLD ------ SOLD ------ SOLD ------ SOLD --- All... brand new, never been installed, Mishimoto Oil Catch Can. Asking $95 + shipping (PayPal) --- SOLD ------ SOLD ------ SOLD ------ SOLD ------ SOLD ------ SOLD ------ SOLD ------...
  3. Well hello!

    Hey I am Amanda and I am happy to be here. I my fiance and I just bought an Ecoboost. Funny thing is he keeps on referring it to his car. But that is besides the point. I am completely in love with it! We are working on customizing a few things however since we are planning a wedding we have...
  4. Payne: Ford saddles up entry-level, 330-hp performance Mustang

    Mustang EcoBoost News
    Payne: Ford saddles up entry-level, 330-hp performance Mustang Payne: Ford saddles up entry-level, 330-hp performance Mustang The passionate heart of the Ford Focus RS is still beating. It’s under the hood of a Mustang. Ford Motor Co. unveiled its first, turbo-4 cylinder-powered performance...
  5. Newbie Rider

    Hey yall. I've had my 2018 Eco for over a year now and I'm looking to meet people that will give me knowledge and advice on upgrades/mods ect. ;) Being that it's an eco I'm kinda shy when wanting to race. I dont know who to reach to. I have no idea where I should start to increase torque. I...
  6. New Owner. Break-in period question/worry

    Mustang EcoBoost Discussions
    Hi guys, Just today I got a new 2018 ingot silver AT ecoboost, super excited about that! My question stems from being worried about the break-in period for the engine. My car was located at a dealer 2 hours away and I went and picked it up with 12 miles on odo and now it has about 150 on it's...
  7. EcoNoob from across the pond

    Hey! Managed to stumble across this great forum whilst researching mods to do to my 16" Ecoboost premium. This is Bumble Bee and my absolute pride and joy I bought her used with 19,000 miles on the clock and i'm currently at around 32,000 with driving 80 Miles round trip a day. This is my...
  8. What is a good deal on this car, so that I can negotiate with the dealer?

    Mustang EcoBoost Purchasing
    What is a good deal on this car? I am new and do not exactly know what is the right price to buy this at? Used Ford Mustang For Sale - CarGurus Thanks in advance for your help!