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paint chip

  1. Lots of Rock chips in Ruby Red Bumper. Touch-up Experience? Suggestions as DIY.

    Mustang EcoBoost Detailing
    Hi All, I have small chips in front bumper in my '16 Ruby Red. But I'm a bit hesitant to buy the touch-up pen that the dealership offers. Has anybody used the pen, or a different kit to fill those chips? thanks!
  2. Paint chipping

    Mustang EcoBoost Appearance
    I have a 2nd owner 2017 mustang eco boost convertible Mustang black. My paint is chipping very bad, some spots size of a fiat on the front bumper. Currently have 73,091 miles (drive a lot) is there a warranty with the paint or what’s my best option for fixing for a good price? Thanks
  3. Pure Michigan . . . Potholes and Paint Chips

    Mustang EcoBoost Detailing
    Well, can't do much about our road craters, other than laugh at the piles of asphalt our state DOT dumps into them every month or so. It amazes me that in 2018, we can't engineer roadways to withstand the elements. Crazy. As for paint chips, my new-found confidence repairing my recent door...