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  1. FFPerformance starts their racing journey with Ceramic Pro and JIMGLO Trailers

    Mustang EcoBoost Photo/Videos
    Holy moly, our FIRST episode of "Going Further". What exactly is this all about? You'll just have to stay glued for the next 14 minutes as we open the door into our race car lifestyle. Our 2016 Ford Mustang Ecoboost is going to be subjected to the most extreme heat, wide-open throttle pulls and...
  2. I'm going racing with Ceramic Pro and JIMGLO Trailers

    Mustang EcoBoost Racing Forum
    I'm fucking stoked, it's been one long ass journey but I made my childhood dreams come true. My full-time job is to beat the crap out of this car and travel to different race tracks. I seriously couldn't ask for more. To read more, visit this link...
  3. Fastest EcoBoost Mustang 1/4 Mile List

    Mustang EcoBoost Drag Racing
    Hello Dragstrip Racers! As I have browsed the forums I have seen a number of independent threads surrounding 1/4 mile times that drivers like you have managed from your EcoBoost Mustangs. Working with the Moderator team, we are opening a 1/4 mile list sticky to live in the Mustang EcoBoost Drag...
  4. Help with my autocross checklist, please

    Mustang EcoBoost Autocross
    I've autocrossed since 2000 with supercharged and turbocharged Miatas and, most recently, with a BRZ. The EcoBoost Premium I should be getting next week has the A10, the Performance Package and (maybe) MagneRide shocks. Since it is significantly quicker than my BRZ was but runs in the same...
  5. The "un-"official autocross video thread

    Mustang EcoBoost Autocross
    Find an interesting video about Autocross out there "trolling" youtube? Post it up here. Good intro on "what is autocross" What you need for autocross How to Class your Autocross Car (SCCA guidelines) [SCCA has a myriad of classes -- some of the other organizations use simple things like...
  6. Equipe Rapide (ER) Challenge #7 - Lone Star Park

    Mustang EcoBoost Autocross
    Yeah, late notice ... We start registration at 7am -- usually first car on course is 9:30/10am. Finish up around 4pm with trophies and frosty adult beverages (BYOB). I'll be out on brand new "hoosier-stones" and if you want to come out and ride along, you're more than welcome. Course map...
  7. Austin/San Antonio Autocross 9 June - Spokes/SASCA points event #5

    Mustang EcoBoost Autocross
    A little video and some of the more interesting scores from the day. I know I left a couple of seconds out there on the course, but hell if I could find them...
  8. GoodGuys 7th Spring Lone Star nationals

    Southwest Mustang EcoBoost Owners
    Anyone attending? Mar 9 through 11 at Texas Motor Speedway. Goodguys 7th Spring Lone Star Nationals I believe I'll put my car in the autocross on Sunday.
  9. TMCCC @ Texas Motorplex on 29th October

    Mustang EcoBoost Drag Racing
    Want a good laugh? C'mon out to Texas Motorplex and watch @Squid attempt to launch. -I run (when not on the roadcourse or autocross) with the North Texas Mustang Club's drag-race team at the Texas Muscle Car Challenge series (basically as some show-up points fodder). Everyone is welcome to...
  10. Disc brake rotors - discussion here

    Mustang EcoBoost Maintenance
    Yeah, I noticed! Why didn't you go with drilled brake disk? Sent from my Z812 using Tapatalk
  11. Dodge Ram Dually Pickup at the Autocross

    Mustang EcoBoost Autocross
    Yeah, it's not an Ecoboost, but fun none the less. Proves you can autocross about anything! Someone Took Their Dodge Ram Dually Pickup to the Autocross and this one ... read it, get out and give it a try. Hey, YouYou Should Try Autocross
  12. 2017 Autcross picture thread

    Mustang EcoBoost Autocross
    Let's start a photo thread for "track photos" Equipe Rapide challenge #1 --
  13. FRPP Finally Announced!

    Mustang EcoBoost Discussions
    Came across this today from Ford Performance! FORD PERFORMANCE POWER PACKAGES NOW AVAILABLE FOR ECOBOOST- AND V8-EQUIPPED MUSTANGS Two pertinent/drool-worthy notes: I don't see the Ecoboost pack listed yet, while the GT is, at least as of 10AM PT: Performance Packs - Mustang Pacsk, Fiesta...
  14. Need a shift light

    Mustang EcoBoost Accessories
    Big azz'd shift light. Recommendations? And GO!!
  15. Equipe Rapide Autocross #4

    Mustang EcoBoost Autocross
    Started out wet, and I guess my tires are officially "toast." Just couldn't put it together to take the win. First run was interesting and the corner guys must have given me a "gift" -- really overcooked a portion of the run, that section in corner 4-right, I know I took out more than 1...
  16. SCCA Track Night in America - Apr 12th - MSR Cresson

    Mustang EcoBoost Racing Forum
    Great time once again -- a few from the event! The whole set! Track Night in America 04/12/16: Intermediate Sessions - Gregory Pfaff
  17. Equipe Rapide Challenge #3 - Autocross in D/FW

    Mustang EcoBoost Autocross
    C'mon out and play in the cones with us!! Please Join us for Challenge Cup #3 at Lone Star Park on April 3rd. Members entry fee is $35, non -member $40. Equipe Rapide hosts a 10 event series of autocrosses. We have a common car classification procedure as other National autocross clubs with...
  18. ER Challenge #2 -- Welcome to "MirrorCross"

    Mustang EcoBoost Autocross
    Done in the format of the "Pro Solo" a mirrorcross is two mirrored courses (or close to mirrored) -- two cars run against one another (still running time). Each set is 3 runs on each side, taken sequentially (L-R-L-R-L-R). Ran 2 sets in the morning and one in the afternoon. The day's results...
  19. APEX DRIVING ACADEMY HPDE on 1.3 mi CCW on April 9

    Mustang EcoBoost Racing Forum
    Event Requirements 5 Registration opens in 2 days on February 17, 2016 8:00 AM CST Basic requirements include: - Licensed drivers aged 16 and up (under 18? parent or guardian must accompany you) - Helmet, rated Snell 2000 or better (you can rent one from us if you do not have one)...
  20. Racing Forums are OPEN!

    Mustang EcoBoost News
    Most excellent ... the racing forums are open for business! Post up your track events/experiences/tips/tricks or whatever. Always looking for photos and videos of the track days.