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resonator mufflers
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    Running some Flowmaster 40s with a resonator delete and y-pipe. At first I loved the aggressiveness but the novelty has worn off and I am wanting something more discrete. Should I: A) add a standard “14 glass pack at mid pipe B) add a “14 vibrant ultra quiet resonator C) reinstall the stock...
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    Hey all! I recently just swapped my 2017 stock exhaust for the MBRP Race exhaust. To give some background, I swapped it at 31,200 miles, so there is some grime to the mufflers/resonator. I have had no problems with the stock it sounded great, but only too quiet for my taste. If interested, I...
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    Hello! So after doing some research on the resonator delete, I couldn't find a way to do it without cutting the pipes. I already did a muffler delete with pipes and made it so I can go back to stock. Is there a way to go back to stock resonator (after resonator delete)? Thanks.
1-3 of 3 Results