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  1. Mustang EcoBoost Racing Forum
    I cut my teeth (so to speak) on this track. Sure sad to see it go. Now there's houses going up there. :( The First Houses Are Going Up at the Site of the Historic Texas World Speedway...
  2. Mustang EcoBoost Racing Forum
    The second in the Time Trials championship here in Texas ... This time on Texas World Speedway. My favorite of the road tracks here in TX (I can't judge COTA yet, I don't have $1300 to run for the weekend there). Some history of TWS is here-> Texas World Speedway - Wikipedia Kind of an Iconic...
  3. Mustang EcoBoost Racing Forum
    Club Trials at Texas World Speedway Texas Region SCCA is hosting a level 2 Club Trials event at Texas World Speedway November 5 and November 6. This is the Last “Last” event at TWS based on the site no longer be available for racing. In January 2016, the track is planned to close permanently...
  4. Mustang EcoBoost Racing Forum
    Gawds, this is fun sh*t.
  5. Southwest Mustang EcoBoost Owners
    SCCA Time trials are coming to Texas World Speedway Nov. 21 & 22 Have you ever wanted to step up to the next level from HPDE? Do you want to get out and experience racing on a real road course? Well, now you can! A Time Trial competition is specifically designed for those of us not yet ready to...
1-5 of 5 Results