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  1. Engine/transmission sound

    Mustang EcoBoost Discussions
    couple odd questions to throw out there for some people, so when I shut the car off there is a rattling sound I’ve noticed. Is this normal? Or something I should be concerned about? 6 speed manual btw. My next question is I’ve seen people post about how the EcoBoost mustangs can push around...
  2. A10 Transmission problems! Am I the only one ?

    Mustang Ecoboost Recalls & Warranty
    I have a 2018 Eco A10 with the performance pack, car was perfectly fine and drove amazing. At 24k miles the trans blew and I had to get a complete rebuild from Ford. After the fix, I noticed on long drives the transmission would shift wild and buck, barely giving response when I push on the...
  3. 2018 Eco transmission issue

    Mustang EcoBoost Discussions
    I recently purchased a new 2018 ecoboost. I’ve been having issues with it when I accelerate and coming to stops. It tends to be lagging and hesitation at acceleration. And when I come to a stop the car lunges forward as it down shifts from gear 3 to 2 to 1. Almost shoots forward into the car in...
  4. Question on the 10spd auto.

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    Hey guys! So I have a 2018 ecoboost with the new auto tranny, and the shifts feel indecisive at times. I read somewhere (can't find source or more info) that the new auto tranny learns your driving habits and over time shifts better/smoother. Is this information true or is it something else...
  5. Is your Mustang a manual or automatic? (voting included)

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    Just curious how many of us are rowing out there - and how many can actually enjoy a coffee while taking a turn. Happy Holidays, everyone. Matt
  6. 2.3l engine and manual trans dimensions

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    I'm trying to find some basic engine package and manual transmission package dimensions to see if this drive train can be incorporated into a project I'm working on. If someone has solid CAD data base for either that would be the nicest. Will
  7. Trans anyone?

    Southwest Mustang EcoBoost Owners
    looking for a 6spd manual transmission for the ecoboost mustang. Anyone around here have one? Know where I can find one? Or anyone at least have pics of the bell house opening to the engine? If anyone knows of someone that's swapped over to a power glide or other auto trans or wrecked and...
  8. 6-speed transmission "Clunk" sound

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    I hear a "clunk", "thump", or "bump" like noise sometimes when I put the car in 1st gear. Does anyone else hear this? I've been to the dealership multiple times for this noise and the mechanics say that all ecoboost mustangs sound like this. They say they've had other customers come in...