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    How and what does my exhaust system in the future affect my warranty ?
  2. Mustang Ecoboost Recalls & Warranty
    What exhaust should I stay away from so my warranty doesn’t void?? Or will it not ??
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    I was driving home from my Friday night softball game and came to a light. I started off from the light shifted to 2nd gear and all of a sudden I hear a loud ticking noise. When I say loud, I mean loud. No check engine lights, engine was running smooth other than the noise. I was hoping maybe...
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    The topic of our engines blowing has been beaten like a dead horse in forums, but I want to find out what your course of action will be if your engine was to blow tommorow out of warranty. Many people in the car community say the 2.3 in a mustang is a lost cause, and would just get a GT. Would...
  5. Mustang EcoBoost Maintenance
    Hello everyone, My EB Mustang (purchased May 2015) is having a battery issue. I have to jump start my car for 3 times just recently. Now the battery is weak, it is very slow to start the car. Now before I start the car or after I turn off the engine, the Sync screen said "System off power...
  6. Mustang EcoBoost Discussions It looks like even putting things back to stock before taking the car in won't help if something goes wrong. Maybe that's why the dealer seems to enjoy when I go to them for oil changes, I'm not hiding...