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You guys know me, im free penguin or freedom penguin, I deleted my account in the past and stuck over at m6g as I spent too much time on separate forums. but im back with a nice car for sale. if any questions call, 937-815-8293, its located in dayton ohio/englewood 45415.

Here is the build log guys, mods are in the photos and at the link. I am deciding to get rid of the mustang, honestly I spent WAY to much money, like 12-14,000 in mods, and I could of invested it into my house mortgage. I am always worried about people dinging or scratching it, it isn't even becoming fun to upkeep anymore. My cat passed away and it was my dream car but I decided to focus on my life and guess I am maturing a bit. sounds dumb, but I want to be debt free. I owe 15k left on my loan, so we have to payoff the bank etc to clear the title to transfer. not a big deal.

I am wanting 25,750 for the car. and 26.5k for car with sub and amp. Its hard wired to the factory amp, not lc2i'd, I can remove the amp and sub though and keep. the amp is 250, and sub is 900sh. its an amazing stereo system. I would ideally like to leave it with the car as its fully set, tuned, etc for the new owner. but im not giving that away. ive had some offers locally 25k 25k 25k cash but that means nothing to me. I have a loan, cash doesnt pay the loan off.

not sure how that works but I read that we have to send a check to usaa and they do it all for us.


Purchased brand new, first owner in 2019 February 20th. Car had 15 miles.

California lip (500, had to buy belly pan and lip)
GT350 spoiler (400)
Xpel 55% window tint + 80% windshield tint (800)
GT grilles with velossatech air ducts (350)
Rohana RF2 wheels in brushed titanium (1800)
DSw6 continental tires 285/35/19. (1300)

5Spur arm rest and start button (150)
Steeda clutch spring (20)
Steeda trunk struts (60)

(Originally 9 speaker premium)
Added an amp from 12 speaker car (100)
Added 6.5 powerbass door speakers (100)
Added GTO629 rear shelf speakers. (100)
Sound deadened the entire trunk floor liner and doors and rear shelf (100)
(Sounds amazing!)
Added JL Amplifier (250)
Added JL 12w6v3 (900)

Roush Y pipe (215)
2.5 AWE touring exhaust (550)

Ford performance tune (500)
Ford performance catch can (200)
CPE intercooler (275)
Mishimoto radiator (450)
KN air filter (55) I rotate them out for cleaning.
AFE air filter (70) I rotate them out for cleaning.
Barton hybrid 3 short throw shifter (375)
BG synchroshift II fluid in manual gearbox (100)
Amsoil signature series oil in engine (80)

-Engine bay additions
Painted engine cover (100)
Painted JLT strut cap covers (100)
Redline hood streets (100)
Radiator fender extensions (100)
Coolant tank cover (60)
Brake cylinder cover (60)

Handling (1000)
Brakes- found takeoffs from gt.
Rotors, calipers, brake lines, dust shields, all around.

(Whole suspension set ran me 1500-2000)
Steeda progressive springs
Steeda pro action struts and shocks
Steeda sway bars
Steeda shock mounts billet
Steeda adjustable camber plates
Ford performance strut tower brace (175)
BMR jacking rails (100)

-Protection (2500 for PPF)
Xpel ultimate protection
Full bumper
Full fenders
Full hood
A pillar
Door edge
Quarter panel
Front and back impact area
Deck lid
- also has full spare ford tire kit in trunk

Auto trader link.

here's info on the car- go to the auto trader page, and hit the button called "auto check for this info"

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Decided that I am willing to do 25,750 car and amp sub 26.5k updating my ads now. Let’s see if those people offering 25k was serious if so it may be gone soon.
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