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The Drivers

Issue No. 122016
Looking back on 2016, we are reminded of all the great times at the track with you and all the new friends we made as our track family continues to grow.

We are thankful to you the drivers and to our instructor team for the past 21 years of excellence & driving passion...
See YOU at the track, Mr. Edge

* Give the fastest gift under the tree: a TDE Gift Certifiate *

Call in today to order one for that special someone in your life!
903 303-3000 or 817 988-5027


2017 The Drivers Edge Track Tour

Jan 21-22 Texas World Speedway

(registration is open)

Feb 4-5 Motorsports Ranch Cresson
(registration is open)

Feb 18-19 Woman Only Event MSRC
(pending date - stay tuned)

Mar 11-12 Houston MSR
(registration opens Jan 09 at 9:00AM)

Mar 25-26 Motorsports Ranch Cresson
(registration opens Jan 23 at 9:00AM)

April 29-30 Texas World Speedway
(registration opens Feb 27 at 9:00AM)

May 20-21 Houston MSR
(registration opens Mar 20 at 9:00AM)

June 10-11 Motorsports Ranch Cresson
(registration opens Apr 10 at 9:00AM)

June 24-25 Texas World Speedway
(registration opens Apr 24 at 9:00AM)

July 08-09 Inst. Clinic & HPDE MSRC

(registration opens May 08 at 9:00AM)

July 15-16 Woman Only Event MSRC
(registration opens May 15 at 9:00AM)

Sept 09-10 Houston MSR
(registration opens Jul 10 at 9:00AM)

Sept 16-17 Motorsports Ranch Cresson
(registration opens Jul 17 at 9:00AM)

Oct 07-08 Motorsports Ranch Cresson
(registration opens Aug 07 at 9:00AM)

Oct 21-22 Texas World Speedway
(registration opens Aug 21 at 9:00AM)

Nov 18-19 Houston MSR
(registration opens Sep 18 at 9:00AM)

Dec 02-03 Texas World Speedway
(registration opens Oct 02 at 9:00AM)

Dec 09-10 Motorsports Ranch Cresson
(registration opens Oct 09 at 9:00AM)

get YOUR life ON TRACK

www. TheDivers

Over 20 years of driving passion.

High Performance Driving School & Events
for YOU and YOUR CAR.

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