Take offs from a 2021 GT PP car, they will fit all Mustang models with no modifications necessary. Pulled from the car at 650 miles, 99% of tread left on the Pirelli P Zero tires. No dings or chips on the wheels, (can provide additional close up photos to anyone interested, they are currently in my storage unit and just grabbed some quick pics). Tires are mounted as well as the OEM TPS sensors, and factory lug nuts included.
These are a staggered set of tires/wheels
9.5" wheel on the rear wearing 275/40/19 tire
9.0" wheel on the front wearing 255/40/19 tire
The wheels alone sell for round $1200 a set
The TPS senors are around $140 for a set of 4
The tires are roughly $1000 for a set.(tire date is roughly early March / late Feb of 2021 -1121 tire date)