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I ordered the Ford Performance Strut Tower Brace and did not realize my mustang already had the Flippin stainless steel cowl extension. Imagine my surprise going through the install steps 🤣
I was like, "Wait a minute that's not plastic!"

So yes, I have installed the tower brace but have an unneeded steel cowl extension.
It's too late to return the whole package and I'm not trying to get money for it...
I'm just not going to ship it. (yes lazy)

If anyone per chance resides near Minneapolis, feel free to DM me and you can come pick it up.

Photo of it lounging on my couch wasting space.

Oh PS, the set came with installation nuts but uh, I can't find them. I think I threw them away after I installed the strut brace since I didn't need them🤦
Looked in the trash but no dice.
So just know you'll need to buy those 🤷

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