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Hi Guys,
I just finished up installing BLIS and heated mirrors on my mustang.
I just took it for a spin and it worked incredibly
I followed this guide here Step by Step Guide to Enabling Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) and Cross Traffic Alert (CTA)
The entire process was a 3 out of 5 and waiting for the parts was probably the hardest. The mirrors took almost 4 weeks from Tascaparts but they has the best price.
The parts cost just under $600 and this included some tools and wires and harnesses as well as the sensors
The best place I have found was wade motor sport on ebay for the sensors. The guy is one of the best sellers I have came across while doing this project and he worked with me getting me the mounts and sensors for a really good price
I went a step further than the guide and got the alert lights on the door mirrors like factory.
Best advice i can give anyone undertaking this to have shade or a garage and take your time
I have yet to test the heated mirrors as it was just too hot outside but I should be able to test it later on tonight
Anyone thinking of it should do it. Really worth it but I do miss the bubble mirror I must admit! 馃榿

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Got to test the heated mirror and it worked great. Glad i decided to do this at the same time.
Ready for winter!
Haha. Nice job man. You've pretty much have turned the car into a premium. The next thing I expect to see is the addition of the mangeride suspension! LOL

I think I might be taking a look at the dash upgrade this Christmas. I think that will be my next step. Take care, bud.

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You better believe i am already looking into the magneride!馃槉
Add this seller to your watchlist. He has all different version. I just added this so I can find it more easily. Mustang Digital Cluster MPH OEM TFT 12鈥 My Color 6 Spd Manual Trans S550 New | eBay
I got mines from him and a lot of others have bought from him also. He gets them in stock and they go pretty fast.
Don't get the kit as they are over priced and you can get a lot of help from the various forums programming them. Hell I can also help!
I think the only thing I am missing from a premium car is the leather seats and the auto presets for the different positions for the mirrors and seats for other drivers. I am not interested in those but I have to say the BLIS is pretty cool and the heated mirror will come in so handy this winter.
Lot of hard work but it feels good.
Thanks bud and keep safe
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