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Brake Boosting Guide (10R80)

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Noticed there weren't any clear brake boosting guides on here so I'll make a post, as I think it might help someone with their 100% legal roll racing in a specific Central American country or in a track/drag strip.

First, I recommend putting your gear selector into the "S gear" (Selector goes P-R-N-D-S), this prevents the car from upshifting, and allows it to stay into the specific gear that you need it to when legally roll racing.
You want to get to the lowest gear the 10R80 allows you to get to, at the speed at which you want to race, 40,60,80 mph etc. The Sport gear will help you keep it in that gear.

On top of Sport, you should put your car into whatever mode you prefer. Some prefer Drag Mode, I like Track Mode.

Now once you get it into whichever mode you prefer, it should automatically turn off traction control. If it doesn't then turn it off manually.

From there, turn off Advance Trac by holding up your traction control selector for around 10 seconds. The reason why you want to turn off Advance Trac is because the ECU will automatically kick you out of boost and make your accelerator pedal useless for a few seconds if you attempt to brake boost with just the normal traction control off.
You might've ran into this issue while trying to brake boost like I did while trying to figure this out.

Now for the actual brake boost, you want to put your left foot on the brake, while holding on the accelerator pedal with your right foot to keep it at whatever speed you need it to be. To get into more boost, very slowly creep both feet down and watch your boost gauge/reader. Your preferences may be different from mine but I don't like to get into double digit boost as I don't want to put that much stress on the stock torque converter and other drivetrain components.

Once you're ready, release the brake and bury the throttle. Immediately after, I strongly recommend shifting out of the "S gear" and into Drive as this allows the ECU to shift for you during your race. Obviously, you can keep it in Sport but the ECU does a great job at shifting when it should and the ECU is a big reason as to why reputation of the 10R80 is what it is.

If there's anything I missed reply to this so we can get as accurate of a guide as possible for people.

And to whoever needs this guide, good luck to you and try to do things safely.
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My only addition is I believe in drag race mode it automatically disables both traction control and advance track controls so no need to hold the TC selector button up for 10 seconds to turn advance trac off.

I prefer drag mode for any type of racing fun.

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