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I think most people know a Mustang is a Ford after 50 years... No need for an Emblem.
Mustang is a brand and an icon in itself, and Ford knows this.
To add to this, Telnack's design language used on the 3rd Gen moved away from the pony imagery, presenting a sleeker, more consciously European style, which I like the idea of, because European DNA has always been a part of the Mustang heritage. But to my eye, Telnack's vision tossed out a bit too much of what made it a Mustang. As much as I have a soft spot for all Mustangs, Gen 3 just doesn't LOOK like a Mustang to me, and the prominence of the Ford branding is part of that.

If some future Mustang has the Blue Oval hood emblem, then I reckon the whole design will support the addition. I can't see shoehorning it onto the current design, however. If someone wants to add one aftermarket to their ride, though, I say go for it. Variety is the spice of life!
1 - 1 of 9 Posts