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I noticed around 10K miles it woke up some. Yesterday I took it in for an oil change and good looking over at 35K miles. When I left the dealer ship it felt like it was in S mode, I thought it was just my imagination but as I continued to drive I’m thinking man I love this thing the more I drive it !
This morning I went on a 6 mile round trip to a convenient store and before I pullout onto a two lane highway that has a lot of traffic I always put it in S+, and holly crap it got sideways (maybe 20 or 30 degree heading change ) and it felt like it was a different car !
Has anyone else had that happen ?


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I have heard speculation that the car won't perform at its maximum performance for the first few thousand miles.
Apparently, there is code programmed into the ECU to limit engine performance until the odometer hits a certain mileage.
This may or may not be true, and could also be common to many other cars manufactured today, not just our Mustangs.

Ford have never officially confirmed this, that I am aware of.

The advantage of course would be to limit warranty claims from owners blowing up their engines or drivetrains until the car is fully run in.

10,000 miles does seem a bit long though?

However, from my own experience with my Ecoboost, it did not really show its true performance potential until I hit around 5000 miles.

People say that modern engines don't need to be "run in" or it only needs to be driven a certain way during the first 1000 miles (as stated in the car manual).

But there are other things that are also important besides the actual engine itself.

For example... New tires on a car, do not perform at their optimum until they are worn in slightly. They can still be a bit slippery on the road when brand new.
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