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Ecoboom anxiety

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Hello, just trying to deal with my ecoboom anxiety.
I have recently bought a 2016 EB with 69k miles on it. After few weeks of usage I found out one of the "Ecoboom" articles and started feeling anxious about it. I think, that I wouldn't be able to replace the engine in case of blowing up so I want just to secure myself in order to make the engine last up to 100k.
I was filling 91 fuel while found some negative ignition corrections on wot. They weren't common but sometimes I have seen down to -4 corrections. After that I totally switched to 93oct and negative corrections were gone ( I still could see -1 on random cyl once a week ).
What was done to the car:
  • Roush Cai
  • NGK spark plugs (.28' gap)
  • Replaced LFPS ( by previous owner )
  • Replaced evap purge hose
  • Cobb stage 1 (91)
It's my daily driver for now with no option to swap it earlier than a year, so any advices would be appreciated.
( Also sorry for my mistakes in the article, I'm not a native speaker and also I'm new to cars. Just seeking for peace of mind )
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Use full synthetic motor oil and the highest octane gas available, get yourself a good catch can, replace the stock intercooler if its still there, and don't lug the car if its a manual. Voila!

If you're on the stock tune, I wouldn't worry about it too much. Most 'Ecobooms' happen with cars that are tuned up and trying to push more horsepower. The stock tune has a lot of safety features in place that pull power and timing if it senses that things are off.
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Should i be worried about ecoboom or using high quality gas?
No. If you are tuned, then I would definitely recommend running high octane gas. But if not, there are plenty of safety features on the stock tune to keep things in check even when you're really laying into the throttle and are on 87 octane for gas. You're just not gonna get the "full performance" out of the engine. But to many people, that's all good.

Overall I'm just trying to figure out what I can do other than basic maintenance (coolant, oil, spark plugs) to get the most mileage out of the vehicle.
Fully synthetic GDI formulated oil. GDI engines tend to run dirty. You want use oil formulated for it. The "synthetic blend" that the manual calls for is a one way ticket to sludging up your engine and intake valves as quickly as possible.

You're good on stock plugs. Just check your gaps every once in a while and replace no more than every 3 years. Some people, like me, replace every 2 years.

And like I said earlier, get yourself an aftermarket intercooler and replace that piece of garbage on your nose. The best you can do to keep intake temps down, the better your turbo car will run.

This being said, is looking to get 200k + miles out of my 2018 Mustang Ecoboost Convertiable possible?
I'm at 78K right now. And the engine still purrs. Can still score a low 0-60. I feel like there will be 'other' possible gremlins that get me off this car, before the engine or tranny itself (AC, electrical, etc). If I can avoid those gremlins, I may try to take this car to 150K miles.
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