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Done in the format of the "Pro Solo" a mirrorcross is two mirrored courses (or close to mirrored) -- two cars run against one another (still running time). Each set is 3 runs on each side, taken sequentially (L-R-L-R-L-R). Ran 2 sets in the morning and one in the afternoon. The day's results are taken from combining the fast run on the left course with the fast run on the right course. This set I was up against another STP prepped EB Mustang (he had the Cobb intercooler and CAI and was running stock pirellis).

Equipe Rapide challenge #2 - the "Mirrorcross"
Set #1 -- 1st (right) and 2nd (left) runs.
Fun course -- I do need more tire.

Main camera's mic was on the license plate (rear) for exhaust -- the "intercooler" cam (Inset) was under the hood. I do hate the DI's ticking. :mad:
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