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finding best Sound system

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I have standard Ecoboost 2018 and want to upgrade the sound system as the base speakers are horrible.

I have changed the front seats speakers as start with Pioneer 2 pcs and have to say much difference however now want to upgrade the rear area which need help.

should I buy the subwoofer that can be placed in the car's boot in addition to 2 new rare speakers? or speaker with amplifier? only speaker is enough?
can you help with recommendations and also type of products? watts?

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I replaced both my OEM rear deck speakers, added a DSP and a dedicated amp for the rear deck speakers and perforated the package tray to allow more air (sound) movement. This made a HUGE difference when using the fader on the head unit. I also have the 12 speaker system and upgraded the subwoofer and added pillow stuffing to the sub box.
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Upgraded every speaker including the centre one with Hertz and a pioneer under seat sub. Details of the speakers are in my sig.
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