I have a COBB Accessport V3 for sale that has Stage 1, Stage 2 AND Stage 3 MAPs pre-loaded on it, along with the other standard Stage 0, Valet Mode, etc. Fully updated and UNMARRIED. As I discussed in my other post (Full Race Cat-less Downpipe for sale), I had it installed on my 2015 EB 50th Anniversary Stage 1 no warranty, but now that car is no more and I have a 2017 EB with Performance Package with warranty not expiring anytime soon and don’t plan to tune my car, as of now. I hate to give it up, but it’s just gathering dust and know someone out there would really use it. Attached are pictures of what I have. I have the OBII cord, suction cup/windshield mount and device itself. I’m asking $450OBO + S/H, but not opposed to meeting up an hour any direction from my house too. I live in the suburbs of Seattle. DM me with any questions or anything else. Thank you!