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2017 Ecoboost Mustang with Performance Package
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Managed to get the oil changed and a catch can installed.

The dealer I bought it from showed they had changed the oil a little less that a thousand miles ago but the oil looked awful dark and the filter looked older than it should. Did the change with Castrol full synthetic and the FL400S filter. Things look good now.

For the catch can, I went with the UPR dual valve unit. I ended up taking the manifold loose to get to the PCV valve. My arm was too big to go in from the top or the bottom. That all went pretty well. Took it for a short test drive and no CEL lights which is good.

I bought a CVF Street intercooler that should be here Monday. I'll have to get that put on soon. I think that will make a good difference. I'm going to take a break then and decide what else I want to do. I'm thinking about the Ford Performance pack. That would get me pretty much where I want without a lot of risk.

I'm getting back to being used to the joys of driving a turbo car. I had Toyota Celica AllTrac for 11 years and loved that car. Turbo, 5 speed, AWD. Great car. Unfortunately, the rust got to the point that it exceeded my skills. But he went to a good home and the next owner got all of the rust fixed so he lives on.
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