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Help engine vabrates

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2015 ecoboost 85k miles engine vibrates or shutters on acceleration push the clutch and coast smooths out, idles rough, less power, no check engine and no codes stored, replaced BOV, replaced up dated fuel pressure switch 3years ago and had system smoked . Engine starts good, gas milage good not losing coolant no white smoke out tail pipe. engine mods are airaid intake tube, catch can and resonator delete the ecu not been moslested. carbon build up??
I know if I take it to a dealership or steadership I will get ripped off dose anyone one of a honest aftermarket repair shop that can work on ecoboost in the Atlanta Metro area. Any help would be appreciated
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Engine mounts may have failed?????
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Engine mounts may have failed?????
Checked the motor mounts and the vacuum lines are on, when first starting Idle is smooth after engine warms up tach drops from 1000rpm to about 850 and have rough Idle bad enough can feel the vibration on steering wheel as well accelerating.
Any check engine light on or DTCs set.

No check light and nothing stored
2 years my oil catch can can fell off engine was doing the same as it doing now if I remember right, so this morning I took the can off and drove the car to see if it the engine was still vibrating with lack of power. Well Check engine light came on heard hissing sound but had all my power back with very little vibration any one have a idea whats going on?
Sounds like a leaky vacuum line, are you able to do a vacuum leak test?
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