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Hello all! I just bought this 2020 in January after wrecking my 1997 BMW Z3. That was the 1.9 with a manual transmission and I must say, one of the funnest cars I've owned. It wasn't very fast, but what a blast. I went shopping and saw the convertible, and realized how much I liked the style. I took it for a drive and was hooked! From 150 to 315hp, even an automatic, I was sold! it had 52K, so I bought the extended warranty adding 50K of bumper-bumper coverage. I like doing a lot of my own work, but 1997 simplicity to 2020 and boosted, don't think I'll be doing much!

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Welcome brother!!! Sweet convertible.
Nice! Were you specifically looking for a convertible?
Actually, after the BMW crash, I was thinking it was time to get a bigger, comfier ride. Went to look at a Fusion Titanium, when I saw the row of convertibles. So no, but my BMW was, and I have a Wrangler, so I do like dropping the top!
1 - 3 of 7 Posts