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Ford Mustang EcoBoost 2018
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Hello everyone!

I havent been on a vehicle forum like this in a long time, used to FB groups etc. 馃榿

New member here and i will need alot of help. Since we dont have alot of american muscle owners.

My GF dreamed of a Mustang and here the day came when she finaly bought one.

Now it's gonna be ugly. But here it is.

Now i know that you see a pile of trash.
I see a car that needs to be fixed 馃槅
Let the project begin!

See you on the forums, cheers.

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Welcome to the forum!
In my country, that would be considered a "write off" and would most likely not be repaired by insurance companies.
But in your country of Lithuania, I can understand that new and second hand mustangs can be very expensive, so may be worthwhile repairing yourself as the only viable means of owning a newer model Mustang on a budget.
I wish you well with your project.

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Welcome to the forum! I look forward to the resurrection of this car. I can see some potential in there!
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Ford Mustang EcoBoost 2018
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Thank you everyone! Car is from USA IL. We wont have EU cars in late 2021 maby.
MUSTANGS here starts from 15-20k鈧 for 2015-2017 models
2018+ goes from 20k鈧 over 40 ( engine, shelby etc...)
Regular priceses starts from ~24-27 most of them 5.0 leaves to germany and so on.

So! I will make a new topic in Ecoboost builds and i will keep you updated also need help.
See you in the new topic!
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