I bought these for my '21 Ecoboost, they looked awesome and I received lots of compliments on them. But I am selling the car and put the factory wheels/tires back on it. They have about 5K gentle miles on them (I'm not a tire smoker.) They are staggered and fill out the wheel wells very nicely.

Vision Wheels 143 Torque
Front:18x8.5 32mm offset, 235/50/18 Michelin all-season sport
Rear: 18x9.5 38mm offset, 255/45/18 Michelin all-season sport

The tires are awesome, stick to the road like glue. These made a huge improvement on the car's handling. I paid about $800 for the wheels and about a grand for the tires and then another couple hundred for Ford TPMS sensors. I will also include the lug nuts. I'm selling for about half of what I paid for them because I don't need them and I haven't the storage space.

I really don't want to ship them, though. I live in Dayton, OH but I'm willing to travel a couple hours if necessary. Price is firm.

Please PM if interested