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2015 Mustang Ecoboost, 6-speed manual, Base model
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Hey all, I had a hard time finding anyone trying to go as cheap as I did with an aftermarket exhaust and share their review, so here's mine!
I bought a catless downpipe off eBay, along with a L-bend O2 spacer, to mate to a the rev9 catback exhaust off Amazon.
I don't yet know how to upload a video to share, but I think it sounds fairly close to a factory exhaust with deeper tone. No drone, no obnoxious start up, but not much sound unless you're really getting on it. So if you want a free-flowing, no CEL, full stainless system, that doesn't bother the neighbors...well here's a way to do it! I have about $520 in with shipping and all included!
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