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Props again to CV Fab for outstanding support and a quality product.

The Intercooler arrived and everything was packaged well to prevent damage during shipping.




Now let’s take a look at this beauty out of the box!!



Now let show the comparison to stock. I know we have all seen these before, but it just blows my mind that Ford put the trash on this car.



Here is one showing the brackets attached. CVF came up with a nice way to mount this beast.


Here are some installed looks! First the mounting brackets.

Passenger side. Bracket just hooks over and then you put the stock bolt back in place.

Driver side. Here you will want to leave the bracket a little loose and then slide it into place as the bottom needs to slide behind the bottom and top tabs at the same time.

(yes, I did not get it straight. I realized that after I took the picture and fixed it. )





Yes, I know. Hose looks a bit out of sorts. I fixed it after the pic. Sorry, it was freaking HOT by the time I got to this point and I am recovering from knee surgery and was doing all this myself.


This really is an easy install. You can watch a few vids on You Tube (I suggest CJ Pony Parts as Bill has some good info to pull from).

On the 2018+ you will find that where the bumper attaches by the headlight, the ones you have to pull the splash shield in the wheel well back for, that there are now 2 nuts to remove. In the 2015-17 there is only 1. I really recommend a ratcheting wrench for these.

I did remove the radiator top brackets just for some extra give. Everything seems to be pretty tight around the IC just taking the stock one out so wanted a little extra give. The CV Fab unit fits very well but you still have to push it up into place with a little bit of force.

I did NOT put the shutters back on. For those of you worried about loosing MPG, I am running a Cobb 93 octane Stage2 tune with a drop-in filter, CVF Charge Pipes, CVF Catted Downpipe and now this awesome Intercooler. The wife and I took a weekend trip from Dallas to Houston on what was some of the hottest days we have had in Texas so far this year. That run has a speed limit of 75 (yeah.. right...ok) for most of the way. My wife can also get heavier footed that me on the highway at times and she drove the return trip from Houston to Dallas. Based on the picture below, those damn shutters can stay in the garage.

The one thing that I have noticed with the changes I have made so far is that my IAT drops like a rock when boost starts kicking in. I know the IC has nothing to do with IAT but I am sure the increased / better flow with the CV Fab parts that I have changed under the hood have come together to make things better. With the new IC I typically see maybe a +10 temp difference between IAT and Charge temp unless I am really leaning on things. Let’s look at one hot day with the heat index at 102 at 11am. From first start up the IAT and CT both pushing 100. After sitting in a drive thru picking up lunch ambient showing 100, IAT 125 and CT pushing 140. get out and get on it, 99, 111 and 130 CT and falling ( I ran out of “punch it” room) . Again .. it is freaking HOT here right now. But I am pretty sure the stock unit would have never kept the CT that low or brought it down that low that fast. I was out just the other day and it was 76 in the morning when I was headed out. IAT ranged from the low to mid 80's at times. CT stayed in the low 90's.

I am for sure hearing a lot more of the turbo and the car is a lot more responsive. This is well worth the price and the 2-3 hours driveway install time.

Every part that I have received from CV Fab has been top notch and this new Intercooler is no exception. Jason and the crew continue to show that they care about the product being right when it gets in your hands as well as making sure they keep the level of customer care second to none.
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