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Road America (October 8-9) & Road Atlanta (November 19-20)

My Fellow Track Rats (Spoken with a Presidential-Like Voice):

Our Road America (October 8-9) and Road Atlanta (November 19-20) track events are filling rapidly. Both are just about 1/2 full. I hope you'll come join us for the on-track fun at both venues.

The "RA's" are truly two of America's great road courses. The Kink at Road America and Turn 12 at Road Atlanta have more pucker factor than should be legally allowable. The speed, well let's just say you'll likely max out on the straights at either track.

Registration for Road America and/or Road Atlanta is available on line with Pay Pal or a mail-in registration at your choice of the links below:
On Line Registration: Click Here

Mail In Registration: Click Here

Into Turn 1 at Road Atlanta

We had a stellar day at Autobahn Country Club yesterday. Perfect weather, a sold out show (Thank you) a fantastic array of automobiles, great drivers and no accidents (Give yourself a round of applause!!). Speed is addictive!
I want to once again thank those of you who have signed up for MVP's events. You have a wide variety of choices where you can spend your entertainment dollars and I'm flattered you choose to spend some of those hard-earned shekels with us. Thank you!

Fall Colors at Road America
A quick shout out to our Autobahn instructors, once again you did a stellar job at Autobahn. I can't thank you enough. Without you, MVP simply doesn't work.
If you have any questions about our Road America or Road Atlanta events, don't hesitate to call me at (314) 249-3770. Of course e-mail [email protected] works as well.

Happy Motoring.

Mark Pfeffer - MVP Track Time
Phone: (314) 249-3770
E-mail: [email protected]
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