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Ok well not Really a Supersnake but I ma making the claim regardless, the last Mod added is proof.

But let's start the Build thread with my EB.
Named Daisy, I don't know why, I may have had Daisy Dukes on my mind that day.

Here she is immediately after the test drive, as stock as new born baby.

The mods began quickly enough, the very first was the Strut Brace and Steeda K-frame
Strut Brace.jpg

I'm not counting that I tinted the windows as a Mod really as I always do on every vehicle I've owned.

Shortly after the K-Trac Brace I jumped in with both feet to do the Lowering Springs, what a Pain in the Azz, jack and jack stands huh... do it they said, it will be fun they said. It was not as easy as good ol' Bill makes it seem, I have 1 jack 2 stands... that was a blast. But overall, once I was done and saw the stance, I forgot about every busted knuckle.

The next step was the Ponies, I love the Mustang, always have bu the look on the EB is one of the meanest yet, and those Chrome Ponies just weren't doing it for me. I painted both front and rear, flat black front to match the Grille and gloss black rear to match the deck lid
Front Pony.jpg
Back Pony.jpg

That took me to wanting to change her look more, make her stand out from the rest, SO next step was the full set of DiodeDynamics inside and out including the trunk, interior, signals, you name it. And all the inside blue... Wow, does she look good at night when you open a door

All Blue.jpg

At that point I tried going with 1.5" spacers to give the back end a little wider look, but being lowered caused a tire rub if I hit a bump just right or catch one of those Monmouth speed bumps everyone seems to be putting in these days. So they came off and unfortunately AM said no RMA after they've been put on. If ANY OF YOU WANT A SET OF AWESOME HIB CENTRIC, ALUMINIUM 1.5" SPACERS THAT COST ME OVER $100, THEY ARE FOR SALE! And they are in pristine condition, had them on 2 days. PM me. Right before that I took her in to a Muffler shop and had the OEM mufflers removed, put some chrome tips on, I was still wavering between several exhaust choices. Sounded better just having to Resonator, but not quite right. I also received and loaded my BAMA tune, 93 octane Performance and 93 octane Race. Now she put some kick in my pants. I was and still am very happy with their tune, everyone that has been in the car before and after is shocked at the outcome. But it gets better yet.

Spaced Out.jpg

That lead to the brand new jacking rails, MAN how I wish I would of done those first. Absolute must have!


And those came just in the nick of time, shortly after that photo, I dropped the OEM exhaust completely and went with the MBRP RACE XP system, and for me, it was the PERFECT decision, and I dropped in a Green Filter in place of the OEM Paper filter until I decided which CAI I will eventually go to, but it is looking more and more like the Steeda will win unless Ford Racing's comes out between now and then. I will get some pictures and sounds up this weekend. I gave BAMA a call a cpl days later as I noticed there was a bit of a delayed pedal response a cpl days after the exhaust went on, less than 24hrs later I had the new files and loaded them. She's baaack, pedal response is on the money, the Butt Dyno is happy and she flies!

And now for the claim of having a SuperSnake EcoBoost Mustang or as Elvis 66 put it in another post "The Jack Daniels Tennessee Supersnake EcoBoost" Without delay, here it is...........


Feast your eyes on that beauty that took out my A/C belt and twisted my serpentine! Great start to my Sunday! There was about 4 feet of snake wrapped up and tangled and minced all over the engine, but the head intact atop my A'C compressor. Couple hors of cleaning and getting the belts straightened out, and she was good.


Mods completed this week but no photos yet,
Mishimoto Oil Catch Can
Mods going on this weekend:
Steeda IRS Subframe alignment Kit
Steeda Subframe Support Braces
Future Mods:
Brake Caliper Covers or Paint, still on the fence.
Wheels TBD later Tires will be Continental DWS 6
Larger Turbo eventually with accompanying larger Intercooler
Oil Cooler, Tranny Cooler
And the ever continuing pursuit of the perfect Butt Byno tunes and mods.

More updates later this weekend.

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Finished up the Steeda add ons to the back end, IRS alignment kit and support braces. I have to say, there is a very significant and noticeable feel when you mash the pedal. Hard to describe but you feel the power at the wheels, there seems to be a lot less loss, it hooks up spins them and you're off. Either from Zero or rolling, you can feel the difference. Guess they hype is real. Waiting on the JLT to arrive, should be here Tuesday as well as the new wheels, going to keep the wheels off till I order the tires, Continental DWS 06 265 fronts 275 rears. Then my OEM 20's with the Pirelli's will be for sale.

Just a cpl new shots to share

20151010_143907[1].jpg 20151010_143921[1].jpg 20151010_150704[1].jpg 20151010_150831[1].jpg

And a video of the MBRP Race catback, headphones please!

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Had to scroll down on that first pic ... was thinking WTH? Wazzup with that hood. :)

I like that emblem. I'd be hard pressed not to go that way if I was going to put a fender emblem on.
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