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Hey, folks.

Well, after almost 6 years and 80k miles, I've sold my 2016 S550 EB. Great car. Great memories. Great forum for discussion. Thanks for everything.

I've posted a few sales in FB Marketplace, w/ links below. I'm in metro-Detroit area for any locals.

Drake aluminum hood struts

Boomba 6-sp shift knob

RaceChip GTS-Black Performance System (ECU piggy-back)

RaceChip XLR Pedal Box (accelerator sensitivity tuning)

And I know there's a cabal of tuning snobs out there that are laughing at the RaceChip stuff. All I can say is . . . it personally gave me an extremely cost/time-effective, dyno-documented, 41 hp/39 lb-ft gain w/ no other add-ons and no CELs/issues over 48,000 miles of use.

Check RaceChip out here . . .
DM me here, or reach out within FB Marketplace if there's any interest.


Matt in Michigan
aka 'mamizana'
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