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The Government has forced the automakers to extend all oil changes to save the environment, Not the car.

First, you will find a lot of BAD information on the WWW. Do not trust what you read or see, the folks on YouTube mean well but many give you the wrong information.
I am a former member of the S.A.E. The Society of Automotive Engineers. So I will double or triple-check what I write.

The first thing I suggest is to go to the Official Ford website for maintenance, NOT the dealers' website.

Go to and fill out the information on THE VIN of your car.

I just bought a 2017 mustang Ecoboost Premium convertible for my wife. I have been on the internet looking for information for days and most of it is wrong.
The ford website SUCKS. .

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Since I only care about my 2017 Mustang Ecoboost Premium Convertable and the only good Ford Owners manual I have found is this one. This manual covers many different models of engines and transmissions.
Go to page 1 Table of Contents and click on MAINTENANCE PAGE 213, it has pictures and descriptions of items under the hood of 2.3L ECOBOOST, NEXT PAGE IS 3.7, NEXT IS 5.0.
Page 216 is how to check the engine oil level. But they do not tell you how often you should check your engine oil.!
Internal composition engines can use oil or leak oil. I recommend checking the oil level at every full tank of gasoline for at least the first 2 months of use. If the oil level goes below halfway between the full and low mark add the correct oil to get it back to the full mark.

Always check your engine oil level It's YOUR responsibility. If you run low or out of oil you will have to pay for the repair. These cars do NOT have a LOW OIL LEVEL indicator on the dash. They have an OIL Pressure low light and or gauge, but when that comes on the damage may have already been done to your engine if it is low on the oil level.

What kind of oil to use? On page 216 top right side item 8, See Capacities and Specifications (page 279). Click on that page number to be taken to page 279.
It shows all the engines by size and their capacities for each item. The next page shows the Specification of the fluids.
Recommended motor oil (U.S.): WSS-M2C946-A Motorcraft® SAE 5W-30 Premium Synthetic Blend Motor Oil X0-5W30-QSP NOTE: the EcoBoost is the only engine to use 5W-30

Fords Maintenance pages below can be copied from the Owners manual to print from page 419 thu 425.
WHEN to change engine oil and filter.PAGE 420.
Intelligent Oil-Life Monitor™ Your vehicle is equipped with an Intelligent Oil-Life Monitor that determines when you should change the engine oil based on how your vehicle is used. By using several important factors in its calculations, the monitor helps reduce the cost of owning your vehicle and reduces environmental waste at the same time.
This means you do not have to remember to change the oil on a mileage-based schedule. Your vehicle lets you know when an oil change is due by displaying a message in the information display.

The following table provides examples of vehicle use and its impact on oil change intervals. It is a guideline only. Actual oil change intervals depend on several factors and generally decrease with the severity of use.

Normal 7,000–10,000 mi (12,000–16,000 km) Normal commuting with highway driving No, or moderate, load or towing Flat to moderately hilly roads No extended idling

Severe 5,000–7,000 mi (8,000–11,999 km) Moderate to heavy load or towing Mountainous or off-road conditions Extended idling Extended hot or cold operation

Extreme 3,000–5,000 mi (4,800–7,999 km) Maximum load or towing Extreme hot or cold operation

Normal Maintenance Intervals
At every oil change interval as indicated by the information display* Change the engine oil and filter.**
Rotate tires, inspect tire wear and measure tread depth.
Perform a multi-point inspection (recommended).
Inspect the automatic transmission fluid level (if equipped with a dipstick). Consult your dealer for requirements.
Inspect the brake pads, rotors, hoses, and parking brake.
Inspect the engine cooling system strength and hoses.
Inspect the exhaust system and heat shields.
Inspect the rear axle and U-joints.

Scheduled Maintenance
At every oil change interval as indicated by the information display*
Inspect the half-shaft boots. Inspect the steering linkage, ball joints, suspension, tie-rod ends, driveshaft and U-joints. Lubricate any areas with grease fittings.
Inspect the wheels and related components for abnormal noise, wear, looseness or drag.

* Do not exceed one year or 10,000 mi (16,000 km) between service intervals.
** Reset the Intelligent Oil-Life Monitor after engine oil and filter changes.

Other maintenance items Note 1; 1 Perform these maintenance items within 3,000 mi (4,800 km) of the last engine oil and filter change. Do not exceed the designated distance for the interval.
Every 20,000 mi Replace cabin air filter. (32,000 km)
Every 30,000 mi Replace engine air filter. (48,000 km)
At 100,000 mi 2 (160,000 km)Change engine coolant. NOTE 2; 2 Initial replacement at six years or 100,000 mi (160,000 km), then every three years or 50,000 mi (80,000 km)
Every 100,000 mi (160,000 km) Replace spark plugs.
Inspect accessory drive belt(s).NOTE3. 3 After the initial inspection, inspect every other oil change until replaced.
Every 150,000 mi (240,000 km) Change automatic transmission fluid and filter.
Change manual transmission fluid. Replace accessory drive belt(s). Change rear axle fluid.


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Operating in dusty or sandy conditions (such as unpaved or dusty roads)
Use the Ford Support DEP owners manual on pages 423-425 to copy and paste for these operating conditions.

Automatic transmission oil and filter changes;
on page 221 the Owners manual reads; AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION FLUID CHECK If required, have an authorized dealer check and change the transmission fluid at the correct service interval. See Scheduled Maintenance (page 417). Reads: The automatic transmission does not have a transmission fluid dipstick.

My 2017 has an Automatic Transmission 6R80 model and it has a dipstick. See attachment.
I have spent hours looking for a good video that shows the correct procedure for filling the oil to the proper levels. I have NOT found any.
But, I did find the MANUFACTURES GENERAL PROCEDURES. see attachment.
PICT. of my trans oil.

I live in Las Vegas NV where it's HOT, so I treat my vehicles to excessive heat and dust applications.

NOTE; There are different Trans. oil pan gaskets used by manufacturers of the filter and the gasket. the newer ones like Ford use a steel rubberized gasket and others use all rubberized. these gaskets require different torque values. Use the correct torque setting for the appropriate gasket.

Hope you find this information useful.

Happy Motoring.


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