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Trunk not opening

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I have a 2016 Mustang Ecoboost Convertible and I just started experiencing trunk issues. The trunk will not open and I have tried every button even the key behind the back seat. I made an appt to get it checked out this week but was wondering if there was a recall or anything about the issue. I spoke with Ford and they said that they have never heard of the trunk not opening. I’ve read a lot about to so I know many other have experienced this as well! Thanks!
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Although I haven't experienced this problem, a quick search online shows that people do so, I wonder why Ford would deny hearing such claims. The problems would usually be mechanical latch stuck
You can fold down the rear seat on the fastbacks and pull the emergency release tab. Do your 'vert rear seats fold down?
Convertible seats don't fold down. You can remove the seat pad though and although there is a bulkhead, there may be enough room to reach through to the emergency release. Or once you remove the seat pad the top well cover is not fully attached (part of it goes into a "rail" on the padding) and might be able to reach the release.
I've been here recently. The seats come out super easy. Literally two bolts. But, once open, check the wire bundle from the lid into the trunk. I've had to repair several wires there including my trunk light.
It’s a key slot on the back driver side that will release the trunk! I drive a 2017 eco boost convertible and my trunk wouldn’t open so that’s when I discovered the key slot.
There is a recall for the rear camera harness. See 2015-2017 Rear Camera safety recall | Ford Mustang Ecoboost Forum . However more wires run in the cable. One is the power for the truck release actuator and another is the signal for the actuator. Might be worth mentioning this to the dealer.
If you are going to use the emergency key release located by the back seat cushion on the driver side, you may want to engage an assistant to gently push down on the trunk lid, as that will take some of the pressure off the latch.
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