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MSR Houston | January 9-11 2019

Ready to take the next step in Motorsports. Can't wait for wheel to wheel action on the track. Looking to get your SCCA Competition Race License!
SCCA Texas Region Road Racing Program is recommending the Competition License School at MSR Houston.

This new date, will give School graduates the opportunity to Race into the 2019 Season at Motorsport Ranch Jan 25-27, 2018 at the First Annual Majors/Divisional Event. (Please note a school will not be held at Motorsport Ranch Cresson in January).

Steps to Getting Your License

STEP 1 | REGISTER for Comp License School at MSR Houston NOW! Registration Link. Let people know you are going by joining the Facebook Event

STEP 2 | Join SCCA and become a member. Join Here
Referral - When you fill out the form online, there is a blank for referral Please enter " Sitara Wilson 422396" - this will save you some money, and gives me some credit with the SCCA.
If you would like assistance from me during the licensing and school process, please forward your receipt of membership containing your member number to [email protected]

STEP 3 | SPORTS PHYSICAL Must be completed on SCCA Specific Competition License Physical Exam Form and can be found at the this link under Road Racing General Downloads. This form must be printed in COLOR and filled out completely, signed, and dated in all locations by a Physician.
Please take special care to assure all blanks on the eye exam have been completed, there are instructions for a peripheral vision test. Occasionally, your doctor cannot do this and must be done by an eye doctor.

STEP 4 | Competition License APPLICATION - Must complete and submit to SCCA prior to event. This Application is located at this link under Road Racing General Downloads.

STEP 5 | SUBMIT PAPERWORK TO SCCA - Include Completion Certificate, Completed License Application, Physical Exam Form. Follow instructions on Competition License Application

Looking Forward to Seeing Y'all at the SCCA Races!

Sitara Wilson
Texas Region SCCA Race Chair
[email protected]

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