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Weird noise from the rear end

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When I pulled out of the house this morning and made a right turn out of the driveway I heard what sounded like someone near me with one of those audio systems that have the loud bass beats. Then I realized it’s coming from my vehicle !? Then it quit and I never heard it again ?
Anyone ever hear of this ?

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Its been a couple of weeks since I last reported. About a week ago the noise went away, two days ago it’s back but not as much as before. I wonder if the electronic stability control ?
I have a rubbing noise and feel coming from the differential. It happens at slow speed turning sharply. I’m having trouble getting dealer to fix. It’s under warranty. Any ideas what to do?
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Are they saying it's normal, or are they claiming they don't hear/feel it? I had a dealer do that to me once with a transmission (different car). As soon as it exceeded warranty mileage, they could suddenly detect a problem that required complete replacement of my transmission... 😈
They said the noise and lurching was caused by the tires. They wanted $120 to try a different set of tires. I agreed to let them try it but I wouldn’t pay unless that fixed it. They took the wheels from another Mustang on the lot. It didn’t so I didn’t pay. They also said that I was running too much air in the tires because it was showing 37 lbs on the dash. It was a hot day and it reads the recommended 35 when cool. They also recommended that I should put an additive in the fluid and it would fix. I don’t understand why they are trying to get out of fixing the problem under warranty. Does Ford give the dealership grief about warranty work? This is first time warranty work for me.
I have an appointment with them in two weeks but I think I’m going to another dealership first to see what they say. It has 56,000 miles and this is covered until 60,000.
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